'food glorious food ...'

- sorry for the lack of post yesterday and the lateness today. i was busy with an extreme cleanout of my room which more or less took most of yesterday up. so today was very exciting as i had a cake making and decorating class in sevenoaks! :) i learnt to bake a beautiful and moist red velvet cake and to cover it in icing, which was absoloutely delicious. here are some pics from it :)

working hard, as you can see :)

i also thought i would add some beautiful pictures of my friend caroline. she's another dane i know who lives in england, and is absoloutely gorgeous. she wears pretty simple clothes, but looks great in just a pair of jeans and a white top with a pair of basic boots. isn't she just stunning?

and finally, today i'm listening to 'shelter' by the XX:

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