'your heels so high, you can't even have a good time ... '

- hey there. so after spending a very unconstructive day lounging around being fed more food (well done if any of you are starting to notice a trend;) ) i decided i'd update my blog with one of my personal passions: SHOES. i love shoes, with a passion, and will openly admit to anyone who's been shopping with me that i 'have a problem' (as i've been told as well by several people i go shopping with).  so i thought i would let you all know what's happening on the london shoe circuit: wedges, wedges and more wedges. after a decline in the last few years wedges have made a comeback in a big (note pun.) way. rather than your usual espadrills most people used to think of wedges as, they are now big, bold and beautiful. following the wedges trend are chunky heels. so here are some examples of the wedges, and heels which are around at the mo.

and a small little addition that i couldn't possibly let pass by is an adorable article about two lizards who are very in love :)

look at how he has a bunch of flowers for his lover! and catching her as she falls :) <3

and today i'm listening to 'pricetag' by jessie j, who i've seen live and is AMAZING.


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