please, please, please, let me get what i want ...

so. new layout. i know, please try not to be too shocked. also, 2 posts in one day?! again .. try not to be too shocked ... it's been a long, really rather dull day. another day spent in bed watching catch up tv, reading millions of blogs and feeling bad about my poor little neglected one. more browsing of potential birthday presents. been eyeing up a few bags ... i have a few too many bags as it is but really, i quite fancy some new ones. and this birthday/christmas month would seem the best time to splurge on one. . . or two . . . also, my dearest darlingest blackberry has once again gone on strike, and will be sent in for repair shortly. so in the mean time i'm left with a brick. and by brick, i mean brick. this thing doesn't even have a camera. and it's internet works on GPRS. great stuff when i'm stuck at home trying to contact the outside world. anyway, with my wonderful illness i have again been browsing the web and have come up with these pictures to keep you entertained. happy reading :)

from london, with love.

these are everywhere at the moment. don't get me wrong, i love them, i think they're beautiful, if i had over £100 to spend on a single pair of shoes i would happily splash out on them, but good god how do girls walk in these for long periods of time?!

to me, this is just the epitomy of sexy - ruffled hair, brows, dark eyes.

i wore a corset to a party the other day. WOW do i have a newfound respect for women before me. how on earth did they wear these things day in day out? i was struggling after a few hours. i mean, you can't really sit, you can't stand comfortably, you can't bend down, you sure as hell can't slouch.

winged eyeliner. or the 'flick'. my new favourite way to decorate my eyes. i never thought i'd want to accentuate how squinty my eyes already are but, hey, gotta embrace what i've got eh?

i love backless dresses. unfortunately, i hate my back. anyone else got that problem?

and i'm listening to 'please, please, please let me get what i want', originally by the smiths, but i'm listening to the cover by she & him:

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