voted most likely to end up on the back of a milk box drink ...

sorry for the lag in posting, i made the mistake of thinking that i could manage school whilst also busying myself with other things. huge mistake as i ended up home ill again ... what on earth was i busying myself with you ask? well ....

well, after going to into school for a shocking 3 consecutive days, i decided to help my dad with his annual gloegg party (a danish christmas drink, a bit like mulled wine, but a good 10x stronger ...). as he was having so many more people than usual i pulled in my darling phil and my friend steph to help me with kitchen/drinks/general serving etc. hours later i collapsed on my bed and realised that running around all day when i have a condition that makes me dizzy might not have been that great an idea. (i promised phil i would mention this party and his help, so here's your mention baby ;) )

this meant that i spent monday and yesterday in bed (apart from a pedicure i may have popped out to have done yesterday ... my mom's back and said she would treat me, don't judge me!), and haven't really been paying attention to my computer. so here's a collection of photos i've seen around and about to keep you enterteined.

also, i have gained a new follower! (hi monicutte!) hopefully i'll be having a few more people have a look at this soon :) but for now ...

from london, with love.


again, usually i'm not a tattoo fan, but this just looks so delicate and pretty!

as does this tattoo.


i love this lace corset and skirt look that's going around .. you may have noticed that in several of my posts.

love love love these shoes.

oh audrey ...

i'd love one of these! think of how convenient they would be for roadtrips and festivals?

and today i'm listening to 'fingerprints' by katy perry ...

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