I'm a satellite heart, lost in the dark ...

I'm sure anyone who was in or around London today will agree that the alien object in the sky that lets out heat and light was a wonderful change to the recent weather. That is, until about 6ish, when the heavens re-opened and London was once again back to it's rightful state of .. well .. wet. I spent most of the day in London today. I met up with my friend Fie first, which was lovely as I haven't seen her in a year. We met up, got coffee and then walked around, catching up. Unfortunately she only had a few hours to spare which went by in a flash so I dropped her off at the station then made my way back to Carnaby Street to have a bit of a walk about. I popped into the Pixi store (which I LOVE. It feels like you're in a lovely little boutique and the service in there is always impeccable.), and picked up the Endlessly Silky Eye Pencil in black. I think I may do a quick little review of it tomorrow as I'm completely in love with it. It has amazing staying powder and damn, it is so fricken silky. My mom got a Smokey Eye Pencil, which has shadow, liner and a smudger, so would be great for travelling, or popping into your handbag for a quick smokey eye after work. I'll probably do a little swatch of that as well if she lets me. I also popped into Illamasqua to look at their sale items, and was very tempted by their loose powder. Has anyone used it before? I don't want to blindly buy something, even if it IS on sale ... I'm afraid to say I was not a very good blogger, and didn't bring my actual camera, so these photos of the Pixi store were taken with my ipod. I apologise profusely for the terrible quality.

from london, with love.

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