Music Monday (Warning, text heavy)

So .. Yes ..  Music 'Monday' .. Well, Tuesday's close enough isn't it? This would be the point at which anyone who has just come to listen to some music should scroll down to the bottom of this post, I'm in the mood for a bit of a ramble. I don't quite know what happened yesterday ... I slept, then I just sat around home, and then I went to Bluewater (for anyone who doesn't know, it's a shopping centre reasonably near to London) to treat myself to lots of wonderful sale items .. Haha, just kidding, my mom and I went purely with the aim of eating some Mexican food. We went to Wahaca, which I highly recommend. I'm not the best with spice (to give you a rough idea, I can manage lemon & herb, and nothing spicier when going to Nandos), and I was completely fine with the food there. We shared quite a few dishes between us, and there's nothing negative I can say about any of it. We had their current specials, a beetroot salad with goats cheese, lambs lettuce and jalapenos (I must admit, this was a little bit too spicy for me, but only because I made the mistake of eating a jalapeno thinking it was a regular pepper ..) and breaded squid with a chipotle mayonnaise. Now, this squid. Oh my sweet Jesus it was delicious. I'm a massive fan of squid, as is my mom, and we both agreed that this was possibly the best squid I have ever had in this country. It came fresh out of the kitchen and was so deliciously tender. Anyway, I digress. We also had chicken taquitos, pork tacos and bean tostadas. I'm so sorry that there are no pictures of any of this, but I foolishly forgot to take my camera along. However, if you want to take a proper look at the menu/any restaurants that are close to you, then have a look at their website: www.wahaca.co.uk . Our waiter was also very friendly, and made the whole experience more enjoyable :) My mom treated me to a few things from H&M and Boots, which I'll probably show in another post. Now, after having had my meal described to you in such detail, you can be rewarded with a nice bit of music. Enjoy!

This is 'Ho Hey' by The Lumineers.

from london, with love.

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