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Here's a little review of the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner. I've been using this for the last month or so, and have been pretty impressed by it. I have very oil eyelids (as I've probably mentioned before), and I therefore struggle to find a liquid eyeliner that stays put on my eyelids all day. This one however, does a pretty good job. Teamed with my Urban Decay Eye Primer, this lasts most of the day on my eyelids, although if I do a bit of a winged liner, the flick needs a bit of touching up after about 5 hours, but otherwise it's pretty resilient. The pigmentation's pretty good, and it's a dark enough black for me.The fact that it's in a pen form is also a huge bonus for me, as I don't have the steadiest hand, so just being able to use this like a pen to line my lashline is really useful. However, the only downsize is the size of the nib. Compared to my last liquid liner, which had an exceptionally thin nib, this one is huge. It's not a massive issue, but when I want a subtle bit of colour, it makes drawing a thin line slightly more challenging. Although, for just £5.99 in Superdrug, you can't really complain. Overall, a really good liner for longevity, especially if you're not willing to dish out a load of money.

The best shot I could find of my eye with this liner on, sorry about the fake eyelash blocking out most of the liner. 

from london, with love.

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