Only miss the sun when it starts to snow ...

The sun has been making an appearance lately .. or at least it should be. Whether it's there or not, I'm determined to get a little bit of leg out as we're definitely well into summer June. However, due to the ridiculous lack of any form of sunlight, my legs are looking a little worse than I'd like them to be and are very much resembling the colour of my breakfast yoghurt (coconut Perle de Lait for anyone wondering). Unfortunately, I'm not much of a fake-tanner, for no other reason than I am very lazy and can't really be bothered to put in the effort of the constant reapplying. Therefore, I'm more of a fun of a nice gradual tanning moisturiser, so I can do both steps in one. Step in Palmers Natural Bronze. I'm generally a huge fan of the Palmers range, cocoa butter does a world of good for my skin and it absolutely drinks it in, so in terms of moisture, this is great. The tanning is also exactly how I want it. Within 2 or 3 days of consecutive use I've got a lovely golden tan without looking like I've been wotsitted alla Georgia from angus thongs and perfect snogging (anyone else remember watching this at sleepovers? No? Just me?). I get a nice even tan from this with no streaks, and the smell is satisfactorily un-biscuity, instead having the usual chocolately smell of cocoa butter which I am a hge fan of.


  1. This is my favourite product, ever. I adore it, the nicest colour ever! Lots of love, Em x


  2. i want to try this! iv used the johnson's gradual tanner and liked it.

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