My hair smells like chocolate ...

As you may or may not know, I have incredibly thick hair. I'm talking, you struggle to touch my scalp through my forst of hair thick. This also means that I'm lucky enough to not struggle with my hair knotting too badly as the weight keeps it down most of the time. But when I wash it, now that is a whole 'nother story. To solve this problem, I present to you one of my favourite products ...

Yes, yes that does say kids on the bottle. If you have a problem with that, then look away now. I love this stuff. I remember using this when I was little, with even thicker hair (if that's possible), and my mum would spray this before beginning the 30 minute battle that was brushing my hair. The smell reminds me of being a little kid, and it still works just as well at detangling. It doesn't leave any residue on my hair, and the smell lingers just enough for my hair to smell lovely, sweet and clean without being overpowering. I believe this was on offer when I picked it up, but its inexpensive regardless so definitely worth a look.  

Do any of you use detangling sprays? What're your favourites? Let me know!

love, Naomi


  1. You are lucky to have thick hair, mine is very thin and I would want fuller hair ! Kisses

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    1. Hehe thanks :) I know I should be grateful, but it can be such a pain sometimes!

  2. Usually the kids sprays, soaps and hair products smell the BEST!!!

    Much love, ANNIEPOP.com!

  3. i used to love detangler as a kid.. you made me want to go back and get some! Now I am craving bubblegum toothpaste too :)

  4. Using kid hair products is amaze as they're less harsh! I love making my own detangling sprays :)