First Post

so here comes my first post. thought i'd just use it to introduce myself for now, let you know what i'm about, and just to start uploading. to start with, i love my clothes and i love my music. whatever time i'm not spending looking at clothes online, or rifting through magazines, i'll be sitting at my piano singing away into the early hours of the morning. i've always lived around london, so the main reason for starting this blog is to give an insight into the life of a regular cosmopolitan teenage girl, the clothes, the music and the dramas. i'll be trying to keep updated as often as possible, posting pictures that i've found and i love, some of the latest fashion i see whilst walking around london, and some of the new music i'm listening to. well i guess that's it for now. Nx

i just saw the newest harry potter, so i couldn't resist posting this picture =) i'm a huge harry potter head, so to me, the world of harry potter will live on, even if the books and the movies won't.

as i'm sure you'll pick up, i'm a huge fan of rosie huntington-whitely. if only for her very long and posh name ;)

gossip girl is of course, another love of mine. whilst waiting for the next season i've been watching all the old ones :)

ed westwick ♥ need i say more?

personally, i think rihanna is beautiful. she has the perfect body, with curves in all the right places.
for my wonderful phil, who's currently in kenya doing charity work. thank you for an amazing 7 months ♥

and finally, right now i'm listening to adele's 'set fire to the rain' here's a link if you haven't already heard it.

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