'wake up in the morning ...'

this morning (and by morning, i do mean around 12pm) i woke up to the smell of food being cooked downstairs, and a tub of fresh peas next to my bed. if you're wondering if this is normal for me, it's not. well, apart from the waking up around 12, which is pretty standard during my holidays. my mom's having one of her monthly cooking lessons, all conducted in japanese during which she teaches fairly local japanese ex-pat women some simple western cooking. whilst she does this, i eagerly await my own portion upstairs in my bed. to find out more about my mom's lessons, and some of her recipes (some of which can be found in english under the 'HOS CARNDORF' section) click here.

- whilst browsing some blogs last night, i noticed that lots of people seem to talk about their friends, so i thought i might do the same. some of my friends live nearby in england, but some also live all around the world. so whilst i'm waiting for my food to be brought up to me ( =P ) i thought i'd put up a little post about a friend of mine called claire, who lives in valencia in spain (lucky thing.)

so this is my beautiful friend claire, who, as you can see, looks about as danish as they come. i don't get to see her as much as i'd like to, considering the fact that we live in different countries, but when i do i always have so much fun. i think claire has a great fashion sense, wearing some occasionally slightly unusual things, like her purple tights on the left, but looking great in them non-the-less. unsurprisingly, claire also has her own fashion blog; "Bananas For Fashion" which you can check out by clicking HERE.

and right now, i'm listening to 'blow away' by A Fine Frenzy, who are one of my favourite bands. Have a listen to the song here:

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