'Little lady left this earth in the worst way, all because she got a card on her 13th birthday... '

- sorry for the lack of posts, have been away from home/generally busy and off the computer. in london yesterday with the bff natalie, sitting in her flat eating junk food til we were at bursting point. after recovering we went out for dinner then headed back to mine for a lovely sleep on the sofas. and today we just went out to bluewater, picked up some school things and saw harry potter (for momma and natalie the first time, for me the second) not that that means i cried any less. if anything, my hysterical sobs were probably more audible and violent than the last time. other than that haven't been doing too much. browsed around a bit so today's just gonna be another compilation of pictures i've found around and about. enjoy :)

i have a top exactly like this, but i'm sure it cost a fraction of the price as it's from primark:

and today i'm listening to another one of my favourite songs: 'little lady' by ed sheeran + Mikill Pane

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