'and i might drink a little bit more than i should tonight ...'

- sorry for the lack of posting, been busy around and about moving things around my room etc (by moving, i mean phil moved whilst i watched and applauded him when he was finished) speaking of which, today was his birthday, and even though i didn't get to see him i'm hoping he had a wonderful day, and i send all my birthday love :) (i'm hoping he'll read this and see it otherwise i seem like a bit of a loser .. :P haha). other than my close gardening session which we do every year, i spent the day playing with my little neighbours; two girls who are 4 and 7 who i babysit sometimes and have decided i'm their new best friend. i played outside with them a bit, then went inside and painted their nails with pretty patterns like stars and ladybugs. i think they were pretty pleased with the results ... at least, i was pretty proud of my job on them :D so that inspired me to do something funky with my own nails, but i don't really see much point in doing that until i've done the painting in my room i'm planning on doing, so once i HAVE painted my nails i'll post the pictures on here. other than that i've been browsing some blogs, getting inspiration etc. well that's all from my update, here are some pictures i've found around and about to keep you entertained for a bit :) Nx

i want one!

totally love her eyelashes. wish i had long eyelashes as well.

i think the plain, simple makeup in this is absoloutely beautiful.


totally love this outfit.

fishtail plaits are really in fashion right now. if your hair can do one, then wear it. they're simple and look great whether casual or dressy.

again, i just think this is absoloutely beautiful.

if only i had long blonde hair so i could do awesome dip-dying as well.

i know, i know, large haul of photos to look at, but hey, i haven't blogged for a few days. and today i'm listening to 'give me everything' by pitbull:

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