'or am i a fool, who sits alone, talking to the moon ....'

- huge lack of updates i know, and i apologise profusely for that. (particularly to you astrid, so please stop bugging me now :P ). it's due to the fact that i'm in denmark at the moment, and am not usually allowed to keep hold of the internet modem stick long enough to actually be able to blog, along with having been out quite a lot. unfortunately, the weather here is just as cold and miserable as england is, so i won't be returning with a beautiful glowing tan, which is disappointing to say the least. i've been getting time to pass here by seeing some of my best friends, went to tivoli with them, going on rides and eating candy til i thought i'd be sick :) i'm also reading michael mcintyre's autobiography which i'm absoloutely loving, but have had to take breaks from reading on the train due to random outbursts of hysterical laughter. this is acceptable when with company, but when on one's own it just gets a lot of very odd and judgemental looks. i particularly love the book because every word i read i imagine being said in mcintyre's voice in my head. i've also been browsing other blogs, mainly baking blogs like bakerella, and have become determined to make cake pops when i have the chance as they look amazingly fun. so that's about it from me, here's a bunch of pictures to keep you occupied for the next couple of minutes ;)

now this is how men should age.

O.o ... i want these.

anyone else remember watching the powerpuff girls? i sure do ..


the combination of the two things i wish i could do with my hair. dipdying and fishtail plaits.

and today i'm listening to bruno mars' "talking to the moon".

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