'if a double decker bus, kills the both of us, to die by your side is such a heavenly way to die...'

- i know, i know, i've been terrible at updating lately. i've just been busy, and by the time i got round to sitting down on my computer i've been too tired to update properly ... so since last time, i'm now back in london, and, unfortunately, back to it's horrible 'summer' weather. i've still been working on my room, which is finally looking like a room again, and i also did phil's birthday dinner and gave him his presents, which included a glass he's named 'moustachio' and a buzz lightyear laser gun. (and yes, he did turn 16, your point being?) i made dinner, and especially dessert, which i must say i was pretty proud of. i also made a den in my livingroom, like i used to when i was a little kid and we slept in there for the night which was cosy and fun :) i'm gonna put some photos up of that on here, and then, as i don't have that many of those, you'll get some random pictures to keep you entertained for just that little bit longer :)

dinner table all set out with dinner

my awesome dessert :)

a very happy phil with his laser gun.

see how it looks like a burger and fires? :)

and tonight i'm listening to 'there is a light that never goes out' by the smiths:

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