for astrid, with love.

i haven't posted, i know, i've been awful, i apologise. (particularly to astrid, i really apologise to astrid, so please please plase stop bugging me?) i love you. so school, school has been what's taken up my time. that and drama. so. much. drama. but i've been ill for the last week or two and bored to the back of my skull, so i thought it would be the responsible thing to do to start this up again. so i've been browsing, for days, and been distracted in this whole finding pictures thing by discovering really quite cool blogs. so this post has taken a lot more time than i anticipated at first. as much as i'd love to update you on what's been happening in london, i haven't been there, so i can't. i can however express my excitement at the fact that it's my birthday in less than 3 weeks. 17. wow. granted, there's not that much i can do at 17 that i couldn't do at 16. except *drum roll please* DRIVE. hellz yeah mother f*****. excuse my french, but you cannot possibly grasp how excited i am at this prospect. the only one who can would be my mother. you see, ever since i was really little, and i mean really little, i used to get into the car and scream and shout and not let my mom drive saying that i wanted to drive. eventually she would give in and say 'sure you can honey, in like, 15 years'. well, i have patiently waited those 15 years and the day is fast approaching that i can get behind that wheel and driveeeeeeeeeeeeee :D . i'm also having a look at wishlists for birthday and christmas presents, but the main thing i'm asking for is a beautiful camera with a beautiful lens which i can name a beautiful name and with which i can take beautiful pictures. hopefully when that happens this blog can fulfill it's orginal purpose of showing off london at it's best. (asking if you can take pictures of people is way less creepy if you have an impressive looking camera.)
so that's about it from me. here are some pictures to keep you entertained in the mean time.

from london, with love.

mild harry potter obsession will be noticeable. just fyi.

oh, and pokemon.

i'm not usually a tattoo person, but there's something about feather tattoos i just find so pretty and delicate.

and today i'm listening to ... (well, lots of songs because i'm bored at home, but particularly) ....
A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

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