You've got the curse of curves ...

Just a quick post today. I'm just chilling at home, enjoying my last day of holidays before next week, which is very very busy. I'm visiting Exeter University on Tuesday to see what the grounds are like, and talk to the current students etc, and then Wednesday and Thursday I have my extended essay days, where I spend the entire day in the Biology department to work on my extended essay (a part of my 2 year IB course, which is the equivalant to A levels.) So as I was saying, I'm just lounging around at home, making sure I've got all my work done etc, so thought I'd just pop a quick outfit on, nothing too fancy, just a pair of blue Leigh jean/jeggings from Topshop, plain black leotard from H&M and a rose gold cuff necklace from H&M which I picked up a couple of days ago and am absoloutely loving :)

Also, just to let you know, there's an amazing giveaway over on Lipstick Fridays where she's offering £50 worth of Nars products, so definitely go and subscribe to her!

Lipstick Fridays - Beauty Blog
That's about it, hope you've had a wonderful weekend!

from london, with love.

Curse of Curves by Cute Is What We Aim For; a favourite of mine for years.


  1. Ooh defo getting in on this giveaway :) Love your necklace btw!



  2. I love the topshop leigh jeans! Cute is what we aim for are one of my favourite bands too, have been a fan for many years! x


  3. thanks for the heads up on the giveaway