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Went to London a couple of days ago for a bit of an outing, just to get some fresh air and pick up a few things. First we headed to the Whole Foods Store on Kensington Highstreet. We started with lunch upstairs, I had a lamb shawarma and my mom had some mexican food, which was very nice and I'm now having a bit of a mexican food obsession. We picked up a few bits of food from the shop downstairs, then went out and looked at some clothes. I got a pair of black shorts from Americal Apparel. Unfortunately, American Apparel IS expensive, but due to my ... derriere ... I find it incredibly difficult to find shorts that fit, and the stretch in these is absoloutely perfect. They were £44 and I would really recommend them if you're willing to spend a little more on shorts. They're so comfortable and really flattering. I also got a couple of tops from Zara. An electric blue peplum top which is very nice, and a big, comfortable t-shirt in black.

As you can see, the shorts are a little tight, but I find them reasonably flattering, and so comfortable as they're nice and stretchy. (I apologise for the lack of makeup in this picture, having a bit of a lazy day).

The weather in England's a bit miserable and cold at the moment, nothing like what it should be for early June, so in terms of clothes I just chucked on a pair of blue jeans, white top and a flower print jacket from H&M a couple of years ago to add a bit of colour.

Face of the Day: Bourjois Healthy mix foundation in shade 55, Bobbi Brown creamy concealer in Warm Beige, Eyeshadows from the MUA neutral palette, L'oreal kohl eyeliner, L'oreal telescopic carbon black mascara, L'oreal million lashes mascara, Clinique high impact mascara on the bottom lashes, and fake lashes from a 100yen store in Japan.

As our mid-afternoon snack we went to Laduree and indulged in some lovely treats. I had 3 macaroons and my mom had, yes you guessed it, a Mont Blanc.

Our cosy little corner in the roof room of Laduree.
 My delicious macaroons. Pistachio, Rose and Salted Caramel.
Mom's Mont Blanc.

from london, with love.

Today's song is Human by Ellie Goulding:

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