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So ... about 4 months I've been neglecting this blog. In all honesty, I would never have thought it's been 4 months, and I only noticed when I looked at the date of my last post. With that in mind, this post may be quite text heavy as I just wanted to do a bit of a life update with what I've been doing since I last posted.

April:  I spent a lot of April in Japan, flying out with my mom as she was working there. Whilst my mom was working, I was left on my own to explore Tokyo. Although I found the idea quite daunting at first, (though able to communicate to some extent with my family, my japanese reading ability is non-existant, and I'm liable to freezing up if someone were to strike up conversation with me), I soon got used to the city and after a few days I really loved it. We were staying in a business hotel at first, and there was a starbucks downstairs, where I finally got to experience having a 'usual', (tall matcha frappucino no cream, in case you were wondering ;) ), and I am still craving these as you can't get them in England. Along with cultural exploring, (by this I mean finding my way around the main shopping areas), I thoroughly enjoyed all the eating I did. And I really do mean ALL the eating I did. Good god did I eat a lot, and boy was it all delicious. Here are some photos of Tokyo and food .. lots and lots of food ...

 A wall of Shibuya subway station. It was fluffy!
 Bit of cheese as a starter in a sushi restaurant. Yes .. a little bizzare ..
 Mmm sushi :) My faourite food.
Green tea noodles. 

 A make your own tea set. Incredibly complicated, and resulted in soe very concentrated tea, almost like an espresso.
 Trio of strawberry desserts. Absoloutely DE-LI-CIOUS.
My mom's Mont Blanc. Her favourite dessert ever.

After Tokyo we headed over to my grandma's place and went to a hot spring to enjoy some more delicious food, as well as a nice relaxing trip to the hotspring, and a day trip out the next day.

 At the hot springs, you were given your own slippers to design, so here are mine! :)
 Outside a small temple next to the hot spring.
 The cherry blossoms were in bloom and beautiful.
 You can buy little things, a bit like horoscopes at the temple, and if you don't like what it says, you can tie it so that it doesn't come true.
 We were right next to the sea. This is a woman who was looking for clams for her dinner.
 Mmm, octopus. Granted, not everyone's cup of tea, but I LOVE octopus. Give me some kind of octopus and I'll love you forever.
 Some delicious sashimi.

May: This was more or less consumed by my exams, which were very stressful and I'm relieved they are over now. Other than that, just a lot of school work.

June: So far, I've been on half term, relaxing and re-organising my room. Should probably be doing some work, but I just can't bring myself to. I really struggle with the fact that I have more work in the holidays than during the term. Oh well, 3 weeks until summer .... :)

and on that note, that's the end of this very lengthy post. I'm sorry about being so absent, and I'll try (but can't promise) to keep this updated more often than once every 4 months.

from london, with love.

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