music monday.

So I've decided, in my attempt to dedicate myself slightly more to my blog, that I'll have themed days. Now, I'm not going to be overly hopeful and have every day themed, but I thought that I'd start with something nice and simple: Music Mondays. So from now on, every Monday I'll be posting a few youtube videos of songs I particularly like. Give them a listen if you want!

from london, with love.

This is a song called 'Youth' by Daughter. It can be seen on the adverts for skins on channel 4 at the moment!

This is 'I Can Feel You' by Delilah. I'm not quite sure where I stumbled across this one .. I think it may have been on a 90210 episode. But I really like it!


  1. I'm from London too, so couldn't resist your blog.

    I look forward to your future posts!

    All the best,


  2. i have been needing new songs to listen to, I'm so glad i came across your blog! love these songs!x

    sophie @ thesecretavenue.com