Music .. urm ... Thursday?

Sorry for being a bit MIA in the last week, was having a bit of a problem with my internet and blogspot, so I haven't been able to post anything for some reason. However, my internet's back up and running properly, so I'll be trying to catch up on my blogging for the week. I've got a few reviews to do on my list, including a couple of things that I picked up from Pixi when I was there last week. In terms of what's been happening, there's very little to report. I'm currently avoiding doing any form of work, even though I know I really should be doing some. The weather's just been getting me down a bit, and both my mom and I are feeling very indecisive all the time, which means that nothing ever gets done. I've started driving lessons though; had one last Saturday, and I have my next one tomorrow. I've also been practicing driving around in my mom's car, and I'm starting to feel reasonably comfortable behind the wheel. My instructor's great, and made me feel really comfortable in the car, which I personally think is really important if you're learning something as major as driving. In case anyone's wondering, I'm with the AA driving school, and am learning in an automatic. Lazy, I know, but my mom's car's an automatic, so I don't really see a point in learning manual if I'll be driving an automatic anyway. I'm also heading to my local Lush tomorrow for their 'Emotional Brilliance VIP party', to have a sneak preview at their new make-up line. I'll be sure to take photos (proper ones, with my proper camera), to share the experience with you! :) But for the time being, here's today's song. I'm sure you've all heard of the band Fun who sings 'We Are Young'. This is a different song of theirs, and an acoustic version at that, called 'Carry On', which I really like. Hope you like it too! Enjoy :)

from london, with love.

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