You Have Emotional Brilliance ...

So, as I said yesterday, I had a driving lesson today (apparently I'm definitely okay to book my test, which is awesome!), and headed out to my local Lush store in The Glades in Bromley for their Emotional Brilliance launch. As I arrived, the store was already buzzing, I was handed a glass of champagne and began to explore the range. The thing I was the most excited about by far was their new lip products, as I'd already read lots about them, all good, and I'm on a constant hunt for the perfect lip product. I headed over to the colour matching wheel to be colour matched by the lovely CJ. I closed my eyes, the wheel span, and when I opened them the first three colours to jump out at me were a golden colour called Fantasy, a baby pink lip colour called Charm, and an orange-red lip colour called Ambition. The idea is that your eyes go to the colour that is appropriate to you, the first one being your strength/weakness at the moment, the second your subconscious, and the third your future. I tried on the eye liner, and the lip colour called Ambition. Unfortunately, I didn't think of actually taking a photo of that, but I did cave and buy Ambition, and am seriously considering going back to buy Fantasy as I received so many compliments on it, and so far, am really impressed by the wear time. I'll be putting a full review of Ambition up soon. The whole experience was really lovely, the staff in there are all so friendly, and the atmosphere is so relaxed. I loved it so much, I might consider applying to work there during my gap year after coming back from Italy. I also picked up a couple of other things which I'll be posting about soon. Anyway, here are some photos I took of the products, and I really recommend popping over to your local Lush and checking out the new collection :)

The colour wheel, and the colours I picked out :)

Ambition :)

They also brought out a dessert island collection alongside it, which includes mascaras, skin tints and this translucent face powder, which I was also very very tempted by.

from london, with love.

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