it's christmaaaaaas

... well .. nearly. i'm in denmark spending christmas with my grandparents, and seeing as the danes celebrate christmas on the 24th, it is technically my christmas eve. nothing that exciting to report at the moment apart from the obscene amount of food i get fed here. i swear to god, i'm gonna come back twice the size with the amount of pastries i'm eating at the moment. i also had the excitement of being told i was allowed to have my grandpa's old camera. i went into copenhagen yesterday and had quite a busy day. to start with i did a bit of shopping with mummy and finally managed to find a fur coat that i like and that suits me. granted it's not leopard print which was my original plan, but i absoloutely love it, and it was a steal at half price - 350kr (around £40.) i'll put some pictures of me wearing it on when i can get around to taking some. i also found a fur gillet which i also really wanted, so my mum bought it for me as an early christmas present. i'm looking forward to getting home and being able to wear it over my black leather jacket. after a warm glass of gloegg (that danish mulled wine i mentioned in an earlier post), i went to visit my friend jo at her flat in copenhagen. she moved to copenhagen around september and i haven't actually seen her since she moved so it was lovely to cosy up and have a nice long chat about everything. i took some pictures of her flat (which for a gap year student is pretty damn nice) which you can see. we went for a pint at the pub she works at and then i jumped on a train to have a yummy sushi dinner with my other friends simon and jesper, and simon's brother and his friend. we ended up ordering heaploads of food and i never thought that we would even get near to finishing it. evidently i underestimated the eating power of three teenage boys. i headed home and cosied up in bed to watch the end of home alone which was showing on telly. that's all that's happened so far really .. here are some pictures of the day i took with my new camera (still so excited about it!)
from london, with love.

here are the danish aebleskiver, which are sort of like donuts. yum :)

and here's that camera! isn't it beautifully vintage looking? i can't wait to get some film in it and use it.

mmm, danish pastries for breakfast :)

this is my adorable mommy.

and the infamous gloegg.

in the cafe :)

jo's fridge ... note, most of the food was off ;)

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  1. I want to see the jacket.. I nearly bought one in Banana Republic and thought of you. Take some lovely pictures with that old camera so we on the other side of the atlantic can enjoy the loveliness.